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American Pie Movies in Order


American Pie – The teen movies.

american_pieAmerican Pie is one of the cult coming of age movies series in the history of Hollywood movies. If you just want to have fun without having to think much and brood later this is the movie.

The story revolves around 4 teenage boys and the how they compete to lose their virginity before they could graduate from high school. The movie is fast paced which will give you your money’s worth and more and leave you in splits laughing. This is not a sex movie as it is perceived to be, its all about teenage hormones teamed with funny situations. Also need to watch out for Eugene Levy’s character who is trying to fit in to his teenage son’s life and trying to make sure he does “things” the right way. This is one of those movies which you would want to buy and watch from time to time and it wouldn’t fail to get be the sam laugh riot it was the 1st time you saw it. A must see for all youngsters!

List Of American Pie Movies In Order



DVD Best Price

Blu-ray Best Price

Soundtrack Best Price

American Pie


American Pie 2


American Wedding


American Pie Presents: Band Camp


American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile


American Pie Presents: Beta House


American Pie Presents: The Book of Love


American Pie Collection

DVD Box Set

Blu-ray Box Set

Books Box Set

Audio Box Set


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