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Resident Evil Movies in Order


What to Expect From the Series of Resident Evil Movies.

res_evil3The Resident Evil movies are inspired from the video game of the same name.
Though they differ in story, most of the elements used in the movies have at one point appeared in the video game series.

List Of Resident Evil Movies in Order


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Resident Evil


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Resident Evil: Apocalypse


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Resident Evil: Extinction


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Resident Evil: Degeneration (CGI Movie)


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Resident Evil: Afterlife


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Resident Evil: Retribution


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Resident Evil: Damnation (CGI Movie)


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The main hero of the series is Alice, an Umbrella security personnel guarding the entrance of the corporations’ secret underground lab. After the breakout of the virus that creates flesh-eating zombies, she herself was infected and experimented upon. As a result she gains powers she can use against the corporation and the undead. After the virus broke-out and destroyed civilized society, she joins a band of survivors and helps them get to place free of infection. While apart, she carefully destroys Umbrella facilities, extracting vengeance on those responsible for the virus and the experiments done on her.

Although the world is overrun with zombies, the Umbrella corporation persists and continues it experimentation in their hidden facilities around the world. Alice will stop at nothing to find and destroy those responsible.

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